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Hardrockin Parties: Sussex University New Year Date: 01/01/2005
Looking for the Sussex University New years party pictures for 2004-2005? Then you have come to the right place! Click the link below to see them, or click on the Party Pictures link on the right hand side of the page!
Sussex University New Years Pictures

Hardrockin Shop: Band Aid 2004 Date: 08/12/2004
"Do they know its Christmas Time?" - Band Aid 20. The single has been released now, and is the perfect Christmas present for any family member. Also, what could be better then giving someone a gift, whilst also donating to the Band Aid Charitable Trust, to help people in third world countries. Buy buying through Hardrockin, not only are you donating in the normal way, but every penny we make through sales of this single, we will donate all of it to Band Aid. So this way you can donate even more by buying just 1 CD! Click here to buy now from Amazon UK Price: £3.99
(UK Only)
Band Aid CD Cover

Member News: Anna's Page 43 Appearance! Date: 30/10/2004
Anna Picture Small Anna "The Flasher" has been in the news yet again! Here is a picture of her from GP Magazine, "working" at a doctors surgery. As you can see, shes not very excited! Click the picture to see a bigger version.

Hardrockin Parties: Leo's Leaving Party Date: 26/10/2004
New Pictures are up from Leo's University Leaving Party. Check them out and remeber to leave comments! Click on the parties page to see them, or click here. Also, remember to check out all the other pictures from parties we have been to.
Notice To New Bands: Date: 18/06/2004
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