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About Hardrockin:

Hardrockin is a UK based site, that has been running since 05/05/2003 and we are still going strong. We have over 500 pictures from parties we have been to, and are currently trying to expand to help up and coming bands get noticed on the internet.

Would you like to help? We hope so, because we want your help! We need people to write for Hardrockin very badly. We need people to write music reviews, and articles, because we just don't have the time on our own. Anything you think you could help with (even by making a game for the site) Anything, would be great.

Technical Information:

The site is Hosted in London Docklands, UK by Total Choice Hosting.
Our site uses PHP, MYSQL, Java and IRC technologies to do everything from list pictures to making the chat room work! Did you know, that to display a list of comments for pictures (like the ones on the party pictures page) takes over 60 lines of programming? And the forum, well we didn't make that, and thats 100's of lines of coding!


Advertising space is avaliable on Hardrockin, please contact admin@hardrockin.net for information. However, we will not link to Illegal Pornography sites, Scam Sites, or Pyramid Schemes.