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New Bands!!!

Ok, so you're a new band. getting a few gigs, but now you need to have somewhere for your bands to find out stuff about you. So you decide to build a website. Thats when the problem appears. You realise that either you couldn't make a site to safe your life, or that its too expensive to get someone to make it and to keep it online. Even if you do get one up and running, all the free website hosts destory your site with mega popups andanimated ads appearing over your page. But say you get around all that, you then realise that you dont appear anywhere in search engines!

After destorying a few things in anger, you find us... and your life is complete... Well not really, but we are here to help!

Is this anything like you? Then read on!

Hardrockin.net is offering a new service for new up and coming bands to help them get on their way to stardom! We will design your website layout and some content within the design constraints of teh hardrockin style. For example, you would have the same look as this page, but with customised menus, your own choice of colour scheme and your own content layout.

Thats not all, we offer up to 15 personalised pages for your site, and you can put 3 of your band's demos or songs on the internet for people to download at anytime!

Theres more! Yes there is! You will get a email address bandname@hadrockin.net and your own hardrockin address like: bandname.hardrockin.net or www.hardrockin.net/bandname/. Also your band members can get there own email addresses, which redirect email to their main email, example: member1@bandmame.hardrockin.net , member2@bandmame.hardrockin.net sent to membersemail@whatever.com

Right whats the catch? Of course there is a catch! We only ask that we can place one small banner at the bottom of every page, and place google ad's on one side of every page. We will not use Pop-up or "animated move over the page" ad's on any of your pages, and thats a promise. Only the banner at the bottom may animate, and it will not use sound. What are google ad's you might ask? Well do a search on google, and google ad's are on the right hand side. These will be displayed with customised ad's depending on each page, and will be in the hardrockin colour scheme.

Still interested? You better be! Lets sum it all up:

Up to 15 personalised web pages!
Store up to 3 demos/songs on your site, for anyone to download!
Free 10mb email address for your band, and free redirect emails for your band members!
Free style design and setup! (We have an inhouse design team who are ready to create a custon logo for each band)
www.hardrockin.net is listed on over 20 search engines, including Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves and Lycos.

So you are probably thinking, oh my god, how can i take advantage of this brilliant offer!!!! Well click here to apply, just fill out the form and submit!

If this is not for you, but you know someone who might be interested, the tell them where we are!

Thanks for reading!

Hardrockin Staff
(Updated 17/06/2004 @ 22:50)