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Caption Competition (Won by Farrar)

Welcome to the Hardrockin Caption Competition! We have oicked a picture from one of our parties for you to make comments on, the best one will win at the end of the competition!

1. Do not use swear words, its like a stupid dwarf, NOT BIG AND NOT CLEVER!
2. Keep them short and sweet. A two page essay isn't the same as a caption.
3. No inside jokes, try and make a caption that everyone will find funny!

The Prize:
Seeing as we are poor at Hardrockin, all we are offering is a Google Email Address. But why you ask? Well you can't sign up for Google Email, you have to be invited by someone, and if you win, we are that someone!
Whats so great about google email?
1GB (1000MB's) of space is whats so great (Thats 500 times more than the old free hotmail) You'll never have to delete another email again!
If you win you will be invited by us to join Google Mail, and you will get an email address like: WhateverIsFree@gmail.com
Or, you can choose our other prize, of a carrot.
So come on! Leave your captions now!

Gabriel found the invisable woman's tits.

The caption competition was won by Farrar for the comment above. Keep your eyes open for the next competition!