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Hardrockin Goes To Europe Day 2

Wednesday 13th of July 2004 (Day 2)
(Also, Bastille Day and Peter’s birthday)

Go to Forum Des Halles (mall) + St Eustace church. Sit in garden, pop cherries in Red Light District (guy gave us a free bag). Planes fly overhead, exhausts make out French flags. Walk to Le Louvre, watch military parade of army tractors, helicopters fly over us. Farrar goes to toilet. Another load of Red Arrows flyover. Walk down river, picnic on bridge. Go outside Dome Church see paratroopers parachutin’. Some of us go home playing Doctuer! Demonstration!

How to play “Docteur Demonstration!!”

1. Keep eyes peeled for that horrible Renault car with the arse from the "shakin that arse ad"
2. When sighted, shout “docteur demonstration”
3. All others playing the game must start singing “I see you baby, shakin' that ass” whilst shakin' their “booty“
4. Player who shouted docteur demonstration laughs at others shakin their booty and awards himself 10 points
5. Play ad until you get sick of it!

Go for pizza. Chase Peter singing happy birthday. To Metro, see drunken sailors singing. Go to bridge. Watch fireworks for Bastille Day. Anna goes to toilet. Kid blown up by firework. (Not really for anyone who is worried, but his the fools letting of the fireworks didn't seem to care)

Somehow get home despite 18 lane traffic, crazy fire-bombing patriots and Caspar almost throwing Anna into the Seine. Go to bed. Feet hurt. Naked guy comes in. Dutch guy snores. Somehow don’t kill him. Peter mutters throughout night. (Anyone who wishes to give me an artists impression of this, then i would be most welcome)

End of Day 2

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