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Hardrockin Goes To Europe Day 3

Thursday 14th of July 2004 (Day 3)
Lazy day. Go to supermarket. Go to Montmatre. Gabriel gets attacked by African who “tie your thumb for free” with his rope and then never lets you go until you buy his souvenir that is tied to your thumb.

Eat lunch. Rub legs at stupid still statue person-thing. Go to Sacre-Coeur. Almost ask out nun (caspar’s idea). Anna and Tom get abused by security guard for…hugging (quelle horreur!). Clearly had nothing better to do.

Fun fact NO. 2

We climbed 288 steps to the 2nd highest point in Paris. If you don’t know the first then you should consider running for president in America .

Gabriel spots the sex-o-drome. Great views. Come back down. Slide down steps (see video). Hurt thumb. Relax in front of Jewish crèche. Caspar walks down banisters. Gabriel and Caspar race up stairs. Caspar wins by flying into fence and discombobulating his shoulder.

(Large Download)
Sexodrome Picture
Us outside Montmatre
Us outside Montmatre

•Go to park, play shit-head

Fun Feature NO. 2

How To Play Shithead (a card game):

1. Ask Gabriel (eMail address coming soon!)

(Pictures needed for section below)

•Anna and Tom go for a “walk”.
Anna on wall

•Peter almost gets locked in a toilet as it self cleaned itself (And him).
(picture please!)


•Forget glasses.


•Go looking for restaurants. Fail.

•Get bus to Moulin Rouge.
Moulin Rouge

•Sex museum with love chair:
Sex Chair

Anna gets groped by dirty hobo. Go to Forum des Halles. Tom gets scared due to premonition of getting beaten by homies. Look at gardens. Almost get beaten homies. Go home to sleep. Get woken up by Caspar. Angry. Poke him in eye. (Artists impression please)

Tom throws Fusili bars at the noisy Germans with exposed arse cracks. (Same again)

End of Day 3

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