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Hardrockin Goes To Europe Day 4

Friday 15th of July 2004 (Day 4)
Go to Pompidou. Look at art. Get bored. Play shithead. Look at more art. Caspar and Gabriel moon at art piece that projects you onto a screen. Arses projected onto screen. Mmmmm… bottom
(Pic please)

Go into room like big igloo. Play cards. Caspar gets excited (see photo)
Caspar Excited

Go to falafel place again. Eat two loads of falafel. Go to French café with guy who announces the menu to the whole restaurant each time a customer comes in. Nice cake. Go to Eiffel tower
Eifel Tower

Watch the sunset over Paris from the tower. Get lift to top. Look at nighttime Paris. Sit in front of illuminated tower. Buy nasty-looking wine. Drink nasty-tasting wine. Give rest to Caspar. Go to Metro at midnight. Wait long time. Gabriel gets the number of a cheesy man called Richard. Spanish girl comes in screaming. Decide it would be best to leave Metro. Can’t. The fuckers locked us in with cheesy Richard and his moustache. Heroic Gabriel and Caspar lift gate. Heroic me scrambles out. Anna tells everyone. Pull off audacious escape mission. Run away from cheesy Richard. Go home. Tom tries to take picture of German’s arse (fail due to very bright camera flash and dark surroundings). Go to sleep.

Sunset from Eifel Tower
Sunset from Eifel Tower
Us up the Tower!
Us up the tower!
Night time up the Tower
Night time view from Tower

End of Day 4

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