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Hardrockin Goes To Europe Day 5

Saturday 16th of July 2004 (Day 5)


Peter meets parents, goes to Louvre, looks at archaeological stuff.
Anna and Farrar go shopping. Farrar buys socks (fully taking advantage of Paris’ fashion opportunities).
Tom goes to park (Gets scared when he realises he is outside Paris, and that he can't find out how to ask for a toilet in French)
Me, Gabriel and Caspar go to look at Tapestries (!) then walk to Musee D’Orsay. See lots of naked art, oh and Van Gogh and Cézanne. Got pissed off at Japanese tourists – don’t look at art, just take photos of it. See statue (naked, surprisingly) made of 3 different types of stone. Go to Louvre square, play shithead.

Meet Peter’s parents who very kindly take us out for pizza. Go back to hostel to sleep. Israeli’s come in. Snore loudly.

End of Day 5

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