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Hardrockin Goes To Europe!

The Paris Diaries Tuesday 13th July 2004 – 18th July 2004

(Written By: Leo, editorial and publishing by Tom)

The Cast:


Name: Leo

Remembered in Paris for: Writing Diary, Rubbing Legs at Statue Women

Likes: Bad Jokes, Statistics, Writing Diaries

Dislikes: Nerdy glasses forced to wear throughout trip

Name: Gabriel

Remembered in Paris for: The infamous knife incident, Pulling Richard

Likes: Falafels, Beating Caspar at ultimate shithead (once)

Dislikes: Anyone mentioning the “N word”



Name: Caspar Trenchard-Turner

Remembered in Paris for: Boundless Energy

Likes: Innuendo, Ridiculous stunts

Dislikes: Losing to Gabriel at shithead, Me poking him in eye

Name: Peter

Remembered in Paris for: Fulfilling ambition of celebrating 18th birthday in Paris for Bastille day

Likes: Military models, mumbling to himself at night

Dislikes: Dutch shoes, People singing happy birthday to him



Name: Farrar

Remembered in Paris for: Rejecting all stereotypes and buying only a pair of socks in his whole time in Paris

Likes: Israeli Men, Socks

Dislikes: People not knowing what brioche is

Name: Anna

Remembered in Paris for: Flashing her tits up the Eiffel gallery, Saving a bunch of tourists from certain doom at the hands of cheesy Richard

Likes: Fluffy things, Tom

Dislikes: Fluffy things being tortured, cheesy men/hobos



Name: Tom 'Hardrockin'

Remembered in Paris for: Letting Caspar sleep with Anna (no not in that way)

Likes: Paris, Hobos, Groping, Anna

Dislikes: Paris hobos groping Anna

Thats the cast done with! Click here or use the menu to carry on to Day 1!