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TV Listings for BBC 1

06:00Breakfast Start the day with the latest news, sport, business and weather from the BBC's Breakfast team. Includes regional news at 25 and 55 minutes past each hour.

09:15Wanted Down Under 4/20. Single mum Becci and her son Keelan have been dreaming of a move down under to help cure Becci of her Seasonal Affective Disorder. Their trial week takes them to Darwin.

10:00Homes Under the Hammer Property series. Martin Roberts and Lucy Alexander visit a property in Plymouth that's money for jam, a Kent dwelling and a cottage in Derby. [S] Followed by BBC News.

11:00Buy It, Sell It, Bank It? Two experienced developers go head to head as they bid for a dilapidated mid-terraced property in London. Tensions could mount when the loser returns to have his say on the winner's renovation.

11:45Cash in the Attic Jane and Mick enjoy painting and ceramics, but their love of antique fairs have spilled over into filling their living space. It's time for the Cash in the Attic team to help. [S] Then BBC News.

12:15Bargain Hunt The contestants are in the stately grounds of Deene Park for a browse around a weekend antiques fair. Experts David Barby and David Harper are on hand to help out. Presented by Tim Wonnacott.

13:00BBC News at One National and international news from the BBC, followed by Weather.

13:30Midlands Today From the Midlands and for the Midlands, the latest news, sport and weather with Midlands Today.

13:45Doctors A Bit of What You Fancy: A middle-aged woman on the heels of a messy divorce is going through a hedonist phase, much to the dismay of her teenage daughter. Daniel employs an au pair. [AD,S]

14:15Diagnosis Murder Open and Shut: Drama series about a sleuthing MD. When the daughter of a powerful media mogul is murdered, the killer's alibi appears safe... until Sloan becomes involved in the case.

15:00BBC News National and international news from the BBC. [S] Followed by regional news and weather.

15:05LazyTown CBeebies. Fun with pink-haired Stephanie, an optimistic eight-year-old, and superhero Sportacus. Ziggy becomes a hero and saves the day when Robbie tries to wreck the clubhouse. [S] Then The Owl.

15:30Scoop CBBC. Cat-Astrophe: Digby is trying to help his dog Hacker get over his dislike for cats, but lessons are put on hold when they're sent to interview a top model. [S] Then Thumb Wrestling Federation.

16:05Prank Patrol CBBC. Children's practical joke show with Barney Harwood. Joe Egan frames his friend Aaron for a crime he didn't commit and convinces him he's one of Britain's most wanted.

16:35Little Howard's Big Question CBBC. Little Howard is a six year old boy with a lot of cheeky questions about the real world around him. Little Howard shares a house with Big Howard and a computer who thinks she's their mother.

17:05Newsround CBBC. Daily news magazine keeping young viewers up to date on the latest stories and events happening at home and abroad.

17:15The Weakest Link Another team steps up to take on the challenge of tricky questions and the cruel quips of quizmeister Anne Robinson. There's no room for airheads, as round by round the dunce is dumped.

18:00BBC News at Six National and international news from the BBC, followed by Weather.

18:30Midlands Today From the Midlands and for the Midlands, the latest news, sport and weather with Midlands Today.

19:00The Diary of Anne Frank 4/5. Anne is growing into a young woman and is amazed by the changes happening to her body and her emotions. She celebrates her 14th birthday but it's a modest affair. Also in HD. [AD,S]

19:30EastEnders Janine shows Jay who's in control, while Danielle lets Stacey down, leading to serious consequences. Lauren's heart-breaking decision devastates Max. [AD,S] Then BBC News.

20:00Life of Riley 1/6. In the Family Way: Maddy finds a pregnancy test and is convinced it belongs to one of her stepchildren, but she is in for a big surprise when she finds out who the real owner is. Also in HD.

20:30The Green Green Grass The Path of True Love: Marlene is fed up with her husband's inattention and fears that their relationship is nearing its end. She seeks the help of a marriage guidance counsellor. Also in HD.

21:00Hustle After a close brush with the law in Australia, legendary con artist Mickey Bricks returns to a changed London to sting a new breed of avaricious marks. Also in HD.

22:00BBC News at Ten National and international news, with reports from BBC correspondents worldwide.

22:25Midlands Today From the Midlands and for the Midlands, the latest news, sport and weather with Midlands Today.

22:35Proof of Life Alice (Meg Ryan) employs a negotiator (Russell Crowe) to obtain the release of her husband, who has been kidnapped by guerrillas in South America. Strong language and some violence.

00:45Weatherview Detailed weather forecast.

00:50Panorama Kids Behaving Badly: Jeremy Vine reveals the problem of sexual bullying in schools and hears from experts, parents and teachers - and importantly from children - on what can be done about it. [S,SL]

01:20Around the World in 20 Years Michael Palin goes in search of the crew of the wooden dhow Al Shama, featured in his hit documentary series Around the World in 80 Days, and learns of the boat's fate. [S,SL]

02:20Gardeners' World 4/10. Ten-part step-by-step guide to gardening. Rachel de Thame lists her essential plants for pots, and Sarah Raven demonstrates how to make the most of hanging baskets. [S,SL]

02:50Helicopter Heroes A look at the work of the Yorkshire Air Ambulance. The team helps a couple trapped under their overturned Porsche and a man with a severed hand is rushed to hospital. [S.SL]

03:35BBC News BBC One joins the BBC's rolling news channel for a night of news, with bulletins on the hour and the headlines every 15 minutes.