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TV Listings for Channel 4

06:20The Hoobs Tula thinks boy and girl Tiddlypeeps like different things. But Groove's not sure. How can they work out who's right?

06:45Planet Cook The creative cookery adventure series for children with Captain Cook, his sidekick Bouma the Yeti and Roxy the computer.

07:00Celebrity Big Brother's Little Brother George Lamb fronts the ultimate Big Brother fanzine show, delivering all the latest news, views and access to all areas of the house.

08:00Celebrity Big Brother Highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house with the celebrity housemates.

09:00Will and Grace Grace claims that the reason she's not dating is that she's having too much 'fun' with Will - so she proposes that they try their best not to have fun.

09:30Will and Grace Jack decides to become a massage therapist and Karen discovers that Jack has a knack with her back.

09:55ER A power failure strikes the Emergency Room on an unusually hot day.

10:50ER Abby's attitude begins to alienate the staff and Neela's intern makes her proud when he deftly handles a critical situation.

11:50Science Scams Using drama and animation to reveal some of the greatest untold scientific frauds from history.

12:00News at Noon Includes business news, sport and weather.

12:30Kitchen Pharmacy Naturopath Annelie Whitfield cooks up natural remedies for a good night's sleep.

12:40Frasier Niles is distraught when Maris sends him divorce papers.

13:05The Man in the Iron Mask Richard Chamberlain stars as both the wicked Louis XIV of France and his twin brother Philippe, hiding his identity behind an iron mask.

15:05Come Dine With Me Extra Portions The West Country plays host to the culinary clash, where the first host is Kenyan born Sarah Hillman.

15:35Come Dine With Me Extra Portions Bachelor Symon Goddard Palmer is so confident of his cooking abilities that he's found time to go on a pheasant shoot.

16:10Deal or No Deal A quarter of a million pounds, 22 sealed boxes and one question...

16:55Come Dine With Me Extra Portions Town crier and publican Adrian loves traditional food, so his menu includes stilton and celery soup and jam roly poly, washed down with scrumpy cider.

17:25Come Dine With Me Extra Portions Show-jumping fan Annie Todd has some high hurdles to cross, as Symon is looking for revenge.

18:00The Simpsons Jealous of Flanders, Homer starts to pray for things that he wants, but it starts to get out of hand when he prays for a bigger house.

18:30Hollyoaks Catch up with all the action in the most exciting teen-drama on television.

19:00Channel 4 News Includes sport and weather.

19:553 Minute Wonder This episode reveals where the puppets come from and offers insights into this traditional yet dying form of entertainment.

20:00River Cottage Spring Collection Yhe weeks all the way up to the sunshine of June and one of Hugh's legendary parties.

21:00Celebrity Big Brother Highlights of the previous 24 hours in the house with the celebrity housemates.

22:00Dead Set Charlie Brooker's Big Brother zombie horror series reaches its spectacular finale.

23:10Wolf Creek Three young travellers get caught up in a nightmare in this Australian outback psycho-killer horror film from Greg McLean.

01:00Celebrity Big Brother: Live Live late night action from the Celebrity Big Brother House.

04:20Hill Street Blues Goldblume meets a lonely woman while driving a cab undercover and LaRue and Washington use a desperate snitch to solve a prostitute murder.

05:10St Elsewhere St Eligius is threatened with sale to the rival Boston General, to be turned into offices.

05:55The Hoobs Groove needs a holiday - but what kind of holiday would suit Groove?